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Tax optimization and planning

We prepare and optimize your tax declaration


Tax declaration and consultation

We offer individual advice on tax benefits to ensure that you can take advantage of all possible savings. Our aim is to identify and maximize potential tax benefits to avoid unpleasant surprises. In doing so, we rely on a holistic and customized advisory process.

 B&F Partner pursues the goal of personal and long-term tax optimization. In doing so, we take into account current tax legislation and the rulings of the tax courts.

Comprehensive advice: Experienced tax experts offer tailor-made advice for your individual needs.

Complete processing: We take care of all steps from data entry to submission to the tax office.

Maximization of refunds: Identification of all relevant deductions and allowances to maximize refunds.

Professional accuracy and timely filing: Ensuring accuracy and timely filing to avoid potential errors or delays.


FAQ Tax declaration

How does the tax consulting process work?

The tax consulting process is tailored to your personal needs in a personal initial consultation. We follow the following steps: 

  1. Data collection: Collecting and organizing all required documents.

  2. Data transfer and processing: Transferring the information to the tax forms and calculating taxes and refunds.

  3. Submission: of the tax return to the tax office.
What documents do I need?

In the event of a collaboration, you will receive a checklist containing all the documents required for the tax return. Documents are sent to B&F Partner either digitally or by post.

What deadlines apply?

The deadlines in Swiss tax law can vary depending on the canton and type of tax. We will discuss the deadlines that apply to you in an initial consultation.

What does a consultation with B&F cost?

In the initial meeting, we discuss the scope of the project together and identify key elements that are crucial to its success. Based on this in-depth analysis, a fixed price is determined so that you have clarity about the costs right from the start, without being surprised by hidden fees later on.

Can I also receive tax advice from B&F as an entrepreneur?

B&F Partner advises both private individuals and sole proprietorships on tax matters.

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